WTCC Spa Francorchamps setup guide


Above you will notice that I have opted to use less steering angle to preserve tires during the race but still maintaining a high level of performance. How this was achieved was making the car more front leaning under throttle load using a decent rake angle and stiffer rear springs. At the same time I used the dampers to control how braking affected the cars balance after long straights when the brake temps drop on the rears as you well noticed we tend to over steer violently during that braking session, but in most corners the car does not over steer to that level. The rear antiroll bar has been increased to aid turn in on high speed corners and at the same time keeping stability during the acceleration period on high speed corners. Always remember that there is a factor called ground clearance and that works well with your camber setting because when you hit kerbs its important to remember that your car will be leaning violently to either side and a high camber setting is what will maintain a high level of grip. Don't be too excessive on camber because too much negative camber affect braking distance too, toe on the front only help on slow corners, so using a negative toe angle on the front results in a sharp turning car, next the rear toe is for high speed stability under braking, always use a positive setting. 



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