Race Room Racing Experience Steering Wheel Advanced and Forcefeedback Settings

In the above image you will notice this is the force feedback page in the controls menu, please take note that the inverted force feedback should not be change unless your wheel required a change!

The most important setting to tweak are force feedback damper, this setting is what gets you to feel like you are in a real race car, damper on a steering rack only slows down your ability to be able to correct sudden over steer on corner exit, we not racing motorcycles where steering damper are needed for a tank slapper so I generally just leave that from 0% to 15% depending on the steering wheel used.

Feedback spring is the amount of turn back spring to center after negotiating a corner, I prefer to also leave that at a minimum because when exiting a corner in a real car you will always open up the wheel naturally through a power slide and having a great value of spring tension does not assist at all.

Smoothing is important depending on how much reality you want to feel on a road surface, a lower value will just make you feel too much road noise and you will literally feel like you are racing a go kart :P.

Steering force intensity 100%

Minimum force I leave that at 15% because in a real car when sliding around you generally have a very light load until the car recovers.

Understeer is a very important setting especially if you are driving a front wheel drive car, you need to be able to feel what the car is doing so having this setting at around 60% really gives me the feel I require to know what's going on underneath those front wheels.

Vertical load is how much the cars aerodynamics correlates into the race car chassis at down force levels that you feel while cornering or while braking hard for turn 1 at Monza, 40% is a perfect fit for this purpose.

The rest is pretty straight for and just follow my setting and you should have a solid base to really enjoy all the road and car translations needed.   


I hope you enjoyed using my guide

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