Well what more can I add to the title, during the championship I enjoyed the fight using the GIGABYTE G1 Sniper M3 as it provided me with absolute reliability and performance, and that is what's needed to win at every level during long hours of racing online. The killer Networks provided me close lag free racing and the G1 Sniper M3 had enough power and duration to award the title! Now as many already know that I always use 3 displays for my racing I had no issues using this G1 Sniper M3 even though it is a "MINI" motherboard with just 3 PCI Ex X16 slots. Running Sli technology was not a problem at all due to the spacing of slot 1 and 2, and I was able to use the onboard graphics card to run a separate telemetry screen giving me vital information during the races which was a major win for me, # Displays for my Racing Simulator and 1 display for acquisition data! I was very impressed with this "little" boards overclocking ability while still providing and maintaining power to the graphics cards.


Great Motherboard!




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