Interview with Gigabyte's Deputy Director Tim Handley back in 2012



My Interview with Gigabyte's Deputy Director Tim Handley back in 2012 just before the 24H Lemans Online Simracing Event in which we achieved a successful result despite leading the race close to the end but unfortunately we suffered a tire blowout and had to settle for 3rd place. Lets not forget that we could not have achieved this success without our Title Sponsor GIGABYTE! They provided the G1 Killer Motherboard and 3x GTX680 Graphics to help assist in the fight to the finish line!



Valentino: Tim welcome, how does feel to know that BeRacing-FXX-RacingLeague one of the top International SimRacing Teams have chosen GIGABYTE as its hardware partner for the 24H Virtual Motorsport event taking place on the 2-3 June 2012?

By Tim: Valentino we’re very excited that BeRacing-FXX-RacingLeague is using top class GIGABYTE motherboards, VGA cards and other components in their rigs, especially seeing as this is a grueling 24 hour race that will highlight the durability and reliability of our gaming products under highly stressful conditions. Online gaming is a major driver for the current and future desktop PC market and this is why we are using the best LAN processors on our motherboards, such as the Killer E2200 and Intel LAN solutions that can be found on our G1.Sniper3 and G1.Sniper M3 gaming boards.

Valentino: What a perfect place to showcase GIGABYTE’s much talked about Ultra Durable 4 technology and let’s not forget the brilliant 3D Power All Digital Engine in the new Z77 G1 Sniper 3, is this showcase important for the brands new technology?

By Tim: We developed Ultra Durable 4 technology to help our motherboards stay cool and reliable despite the excessive workloads and demands that are placed on them by pro gamers like the BeRacing-FXX-RacingLeague, so this will be an excellent showcase for our Ultra Durable technologies. 3D Power sports the world’s leading digital PWM controller with faster reaction times and advanced load line calibration, ensuring the cleanest, pure power for the CPU throughout the race. As the CPU workload varies during the race, Intel Turbo Boost will dynamically overclock individual CPU cores for the best possible performance and this is where 3D Power really outshines older analogue PWMs that are slower to react. The result is smoother, more reliable CPU operation that leads to better overclocks and stability. We look forward to testing our boards with the BeRacing-FXX-RacingLeague this coming weekend.

Valentino: GIGABYTE have been very busy in the overclocking department as we can see from all the new world records that have been set using some of the “Mid” range motherboards, how does this marketing strategy help GIGABYTE reach professional gamers who spend much more money on the High end hardware?

By Tim: Overclocking really pushes our motherboards and VGA cards to the absolute limit, so there is no better way to demonstrate how tough and durable they are. We find that GIGABYTE power users are extremely knowledgeable about the latest tech, so gamers and professional graphics designers often refer to their recommendations when it comes to upgrading their high-end rigs. This explains why we put so much R&D into overclocking our products.

Valentino: Would you agree that there is a huge demand for gaming hardware in the Computer Industry and that too many retail stores are completely missing the point of Innovative Technology such as Eyefinity and Nvidia 3D Vission Surround Gaming?

By Tim: I’d like to see more high-end gaming components in the stores because performance and features like multi-screens, multi-VGA cards, upgradeability of CPU/VGA/memory and huge data storage capacity are driving the continued demand for desktop PCs. Many people think that the desktop PC is dying, when in actual fact we are still actually seeing a small amount of growth. The desktop PC market is simply transitioning towards more high-end PCs that people choose because they need multiple big screens, powerful CPUs and GPUs for gaming, upgradeable storage and memory, etc…

Valentino: Any future plans from GIGABYTE to start marketing High End gaming?

By Tim: Ha ha, we are marketing high end gaming with our G1-Killer series of motherboards. Additionally, GIGABYTE is actively involved in hundreds of LANs and other gaming events globally, and this will only grow further as PC gaming continues to be a major driver for the future desktop PC business.

Valentino: Will you be watching the race and support the team when you can?

By Tim: Of course. This will be the first SimRacing event, and I’m excited to see team BeRacing-FXX-RacingLeague take the win.

Valentino: Anything you would like to add from your side about GIGABYTE Future roadmap?

By Tim: Today, we just broke 7GHz with an Intel Core i7 3770k and GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H, a major breakthrough and a new work record for this CPU. Check out the CPU-Z validation here: This will tell you how tough our boards really are! Next week is Computex 2012 in Taipei and we will be announcing a new high current CPU power zone design on 7 new models. Check out our blog and facebook pages for more details.

Valentino: Last words for the team?

Best of luck fellas. GIGABYTE will be cheering for you.











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